Business Plan

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a unique, modern training facility for athletes of all ages to fine tune their physical and mental skills. At our facility, athletes will have an opportunity to develop via private sessions, group classes, or on their own with consistency. We will provide state of the art equipment and resources to our members, allowing them to properly evaluate their development and track their progression.


Our vision is to be the home-base training facility for young athletes in the Southern California area.

What we offer


• Hockey
• Baseball
• Strength & Conditioning (Turf)
• Golf*
• Study Area*

As a youth hockey coach in Los Angeles for nearly two decades, it has become evident that the one thing missing in the San Fernando Valley is a true, athletic training facility for hockey players to be able to train away from the ice rink. With ice time being so scarce and pricey, youth hockey players struggle to put in the time they need to develop as athletes. The youth hockey world needs a place where players will be able to focus on individual skill, strength, and conditioning without having to fight for ice time.
That’s where we come in.

We also recommend that all our youth athletes participate in multiple sports to further their physical development. Our facility will provide these opportunities, as we will also include baseball and golf in our training programs. This will not only allow multi-sport athletes to get all their necessary training under one roof, but it will allow single sport athletes to receive cross-sport training.

If we do have enough space, we will also have a study room where players will be able to do their homework after school. Furthermore, the study room will also provide coaches with a space to utilize video by allowing for film sessions or video reviews.


  • Youth and adult hockey players will be provided with the opportunity to rent out shooting lanes/synthetic ice to work on individual skills. They may also work with a coach on the synthetic ice/shooting lane or in other sections of the
  • Each shooting lane will be equipped with radar guns to clock the speed of their shot and targets to test their
  • See strength & conditioning section for additional programs for hockey players

Synthetic Ice Rink

Synthetic Ice is made of interlocking panels of high-density polyethylene which becomes an ice rink when sprayed with a gliding fluid.

Our Synthetic ice area will be available for players or coaches to rent out for an increment of 15– 30 minutes at a time. The rink will be approximately 20’ x 20’ which will give the players enough room to skate around and work on different areas of their game.

Shooting Lanes

There will also be 3 shooting lanes measuring 20’ x 10’ each, equipped with dryland tiles. Players will be able to rent each station for increments of 15-30 minutes. Each lane will also have shooting targets and a radar gun which will help the player with their accuracy and clock the speed of their shot, respectively.

**There will be padding behind both the synthetic Ice and shooting lane areas to minimize the noise from pucks missing the net**

There are 3 youth hockey teams within a 10-mile radius of the facility.

  1. California Golden Bears – The Bears play out of Pickwick Ice Arena in Burbank, CA. They registered a total of 11 teams and approximately 165 players ranging from ages 6 – 14. Their 14U division was recently ranked #6th AA program in the nation. The upcoming season will have a new team for players who are 15 and 16 years
  2. Pasadena Maple Leafs – The Maple Leafs play out of Pasadena Ice Arena in Pasadena, CA. Last season they registered a total of 9 teams with approximately 135 active players ranging from ages 6-18
  3. California Heat – The California Heat play out of the Los Angeles Kings Valley Ice Center in Panorama City, CA. Last season they registered a total of 10 teams and approximately 150 players raging in players 6-16.

A 4th youth club which is located in Valencia, CA recently lost its ice hockey area. More than 150 players of their former players have joined the California Golden Bears or California Heat clubs since the closing of their facility.

Those three hockey clubs combine for close to 600 registered youth hockey players on playing within 10 miles of our training facility. There are hundreds more who live in the area, but play for other clubs in Southern California.


  • We will have a state of the art batting cage equipped with a program called
  • Coaches and Players will be able to rent out the batting cage for
  • Players may use weight area for training also

Batting Cage

Our batting cage will be equipped with a high tech program called HitTrax.. The system was designed specifically for analytics as it reports real time visual and statistical data such as exit ball velocity, distance, launch angle, hard hit average and detailed strike zone analyses immediately following the hit. The system can be used for training purposes or to play an actual game at any MLB stadium. It is a fun and interactive approach for training.

A typical batting cage is 70’ x 15’ but can also be 40’ x 15’.

Every city in Los Angeles County has Little League Baseball set up for kids to learn and play organized baseball. It is estimated that over 1000 players, within a 10 mile radius of the facility, who play either little league or high school baseball. Much like hockey, the number of players that need training far outnumber the number of places available to train.

Strength & Conditioning (Turf)

  • In our strength & Conditioning area, players from all sports will have the opportunity to take a variety of
  • Some classes that will be offered are Boxing, Core training, Plyometrics, and more
  • Private and group lessons will be offered

Our 75’ x 15’ turf area will be the busiest of all the areas. We will have top of the line strength and conditioning equipment that players and coaches can use. This is a unique area in that the turf can develop the skills of any athlete playing any sport. Our facility will offer numerous classes where athletes will be able to join for a more specific training experience.

  • Core
  • Plyometrics
  • Speed & Agility
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


If space permits (a 10’ x 10’ room), a golf simulator would be an ideal addition to the facility. Golf has captured the imagination of young athletes around the country and many of them are beginning to play golf at an early age. Like hockey and baseball, a golf swing is all about formation and technique. The best way to work on that craft is repetition. One may go to a basic driving range, but a golf simulator allows a player to get instant analytics on their golf swing without necessarily needing a coach to give instruction. Furthermore, of all the training our facility will offer, the gold simulator will draw the most interest from our adult clientele, as the sport remains hugely popular for athletes of all ages.

Study Area

If space permits, a study area will be a vital addition to fulfill our goal of training the body and mind of a young athlete. Young athletes have a lot on their plate, but we will always support their education just as much as we support their athletic achievements. The study area will also be used by coaches to break down film and help players study their specific sport using video. Similarly, coaches can rent the area for their entire youth teams for full team sessions.


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